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Following Grantley Hall’s nomination for the RICS Social Impact Awards 2020, Chris Lee, Managing Director of Lucas Lee who led the team that built the project, was recently asked about being a Yorkshire Lad. Here are his answers and why God’s Own County will always be where his heart is.


Where do you live / where are you from?

I was born in Hebden Bridge and share a solid Georgian Gentleman’s residence with my wife Vanessa, son Archie, twin Springer Spaniels and twin rescue cats in little hamlet just outside Hebden Bridge – well away from the river Calder!


What is your favourite place to visit and why?

Our home; having lived in London and Newcastle for many years and being fortunate to have travelled all over the world, including visiting every country in Europe, it’s the one place I’ve chosen to spend more time at than anywhere else in the world so it must be special – wet, but very special.


What is still on your “to do” list in the region?

Climb Emley Moor Mast


What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?

Vanessa and I enjoy fine dining and we have had some memorable meals from The Fat Duck in Bray to eating escargot in Dijon, but honestly to top of my list remains The Man Behind the Curtain in Leeds. We followed Micheal O’Hare from The Blind Swine in York and the experience when he first opened in Leeds was phenomenal……there was also an incident in Southend involving a jellied-eel which ended my rule of ‘try anything once.’


What is your most Yorkshire trait?

Independence – I’m not going to accept somebody telling me something can’t be done if I think it can; I’ll find-out for myself. Also, grumbling about nothing, people confuse it with unhappiness but a Yorkshireman would grumble about not having anything to grumble about and would be truly happy.


Favourite piece of Yorkshire trivia?

My wife tells me Hull is in Yorkshire but I think it’s too flat. Apparently I’m wrong. Oh, and did you know that Corduroy was invented and manufactured in Hebden Bridge as a hardwearing natural material for British Rail Uniforms?


What is your favourite Yorkshire icon to come out of the region?

The Flat-Cap – perfect attire whether you are walking the dog, doing a roof survey or sailing in the Atlantic.


Worst experience or thing about Yorkshire?

Traffic on the M62.


What is the one thing that you would steal from another part of the country?

HS2 and stick it between Leeds and Liverpool – I don’t want to get to London 15 minutes quicker, I barely have time to have breakfast and do a few emails as it is!


What is the most overrated thing about Yorkshire?

The weather!



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